Upload your design!

Upload your design!

  • $20.00

Want us to produce custom merchandise for you? Here's how it works:

  1. Customers customize and pay for their items on our site.
  2. We produce it, ship it and handle customer service.
  3. You get paid quarterly as follows:


    $4 each


    $6 each


    $5 each

    Shop Aprons/Bags

    $5 each

  4. The only up-front cost for you is to digitize your design.
    • 1-3 colors and less than 4” square (front of shirt/hat size): $20
    • 4 or more colors and up to 6” square (apron/back of shirt size): $30
    • More than 4 colors or 8-12” square (back of shirt size): $40

Once digitized, we send you the design files and setup the products and the options you'd like to offer.

It's simple to get started, just upload your artwork below and we'll be in touch!

Note: You only need to pay for the largest size logo you want to offer, we can make smaller logos from the larger size, but not the other way around. Each new design or changes to an existing design (other than color) do require the image be re-digitized.